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Our Motivation

Electrifying rural regions would have been identified as a vital contributor to achieving the SDG namely "Affordable and green energy". According to the United Nations Development Program and the World Health Organization (2009), Rwanda has a low rural electrification rate of 1.3%. Therefore, the National Transformation Strategy (NTS1) has set a target of 100% universal access to a stable source of power by 2024 to further accelerate electrification rates. The actual facts have been the key rationale for Buim to become a pioneer in contributing to Rwanda's electrification drive.

Universal access to electricity by 2024

In collaboration with the World Bank, the Government of Rwanda has put measures in place to ensure universal access to electricity by 2024. These may include providing an optimal framework in encouraging the private sector to engage in off-grid electrification, targeted incentives to make stand-alone solar installations more accessible, and the establishment of a Renewable Energy Fund (REF) to accelerate access to off-grid electrification through solar home systems (SHS). And this makes Buim able to be a part of this initiative as a renewable energy provider.

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Our Focus

We provide a kit consisting of several items that increase the value of the solar home system. With this, we strive for the well-being of rural area residents who do not have access to electricity. We truly believe that electricity is the gateway to a high level of living and long-term sustainability.

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Our Pricing Model

Buim is working hard to electrify households that are not yet linked to the national grid. This company accomplishes this by providing kits capable of lighting families who previously hadn't access to energy. These items are provided at a cheaper price, and the beneficiaries can even pay the remaining amounts in installments.