Customer Training

We connect our customers to solar home systems and keep in touch with them to ensure that their households are enlightened. We also train them how to set up small income-generating businesses to assist them fulfill basic needs, subscribe to mutual health insurance, and join savings groups. At BUIM, we are dedicated to helping our customers reach their full potential.

Free Installation

After obtaining the solar system at home, BUIM's agents directly install the system in the homes of our beneficiaries at free of charge. Following installation, we check and confirm if the household is appropriately illuminated. We are always on the side of the customers.


In collaboration with local authorities, our team increase awareness about the effectiveness of owning solar home systems. These sensitisations bear fruit because citizens ask questions and receive massive responses. The campaign clearly explains the benefits of home lighting so that citizens can better understand and become adopters of solar home systems.

After Sale Services

  • Our call center staff work tirelessly to pick up phone calls from our customers and listen to their concerns. They immediately respond to the questions to make them happy with our services.
  • Our call center staff also calls our customers regularly to checks-in their day-to-day experiences with solar home systems.

Technical Support

To enhance our customers' experience, Buim has a dedicated team to resolve technical issues when their solars get unwork. The service is free of charge, and our customers are well-treated.