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  • Economic and social development of electrified households : We work to ensure our client is economically self-sustaining. With the support of our equipment, these households succeed in setting up small, low-income activities that contribute to their own development. Children are able to study well at night, to go to other occupations that can generate profits for households, etc…
  • Granting health insurance to households : We always stay close to our customers by granting them health insurance during the period of ownership of our solar kit. Our goal is to contribute to the well-being of our customers because participation in development requires healthy people.
  • Making a positive impact of Rwandan life : Contributing to positive change among Rwandans is our final objective. In the different areas where our equipment is located, we have noticed changes in the beneficiaries. Children have been able to go back to school thanks to the money received from credit groups. Households were also able to purchase cattle like cows for fertilizing their cultivable soils.
  • Job creation : We cannot achieve this without trained staff to meet the needs of our beneficiaries. These personnel are mobilized in the different districts where we operate. A hotline is also available for all solicitations and concerns.

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